• What is Student CFM/Advisory?

    The advisory program at East High School provides students with a place to discuss issues they face in their day-to-day lives, such as current events, particular issues in the school; either academic or behavior. Students are often encouraged to suggest their own topics and to lead discussions. A strong focus of the 2011-2012 advisory group will be on building “community”.


    The advisory may use material related to other classes students are taking to work on skills like time management, organization, discussion, etiquette, listening, and journal writing. Advisory classes are sometimes used to supplement college advisement by teaching interview skills and working on applications and personal statements. The ninth grade curriculum is designed to help students with the transition to high school. Students work on organizational and study skills, and take part in community-building activities.


    High school is very different than middle school. Everything, including 9th grade counts toward graduation and your future! It is very important that you start out strong and not fall behind. Your advisory team will help you with this as long as you put in your effort too!




    -          Pen/Pencil (Needed Everyday)

    -          Journal Book (spiral or any type of bound notebook)

    -          Writing Paper

    -          Three Ring Binder or Folder with Pockets

    -          Jump drive, flash drive, memory stick, or usb device.



    We follow a school wide grading policy at East and your CFM/Advisory grade will be calculated using the method below.


    -          Participation and daily class work are big parts of this class and are calculated as 30 percent of the overall grade.  Students are expected to be in class, on time, and prepared with the supplies listed above. Students are also expected to follow the classroom and school wide rules. Students should be active members of class debates, discussions, presentations, and role-plays. 

    -          Assignments such as Quizzes, Projects, Tests, or Portfolios re also important parts of the class and are calculated as 30 percent of the overall grade.

    -          Homework is given often and is expected to be turned in the next day or as otherwise instructed. Homework is also 30 percent of your grade.  

    -          Any class work or homework that is missed must be made up within 1 week of the absence or will not be included in the student’s final grade.

    -          Behavior, journals, and your class notebooks will be counted as the last 10 percent of your course grade.

    -          CHEATING or COPYING another’s work is unacceptable. Anyone caught cheating will leave the class and will receive a zero for the assignment. A visit to the administration and a phone call home will follow.  




    -          Students are expected to come to class everyday and are also expected to be prepared.  If a student is consistently missing materials, consistently late to class, consistently disruptive or disrespectful a parent, teacher, administrator conference will be scheduled.

    -          If a student is absent they are responsible for completing all of their missed work.

    -          If a student is absent during a test the make up exam will be scheduled (within two days of student returning to class).

    -          If there are excessive absences a parent/guardian, teacher, administrator conference will be scheduled. Students cannot afford to continually miss class as they will not be able to follow the course material.

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be respectful
    • Make good decisions
    • Solve Problems




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