My Booklist

  • The following lists books recommended for Ms. Polk's history courses. Also, you can read along with me by following my personal summer book list. 

Global 9

Global 10

  • Persepolis


    by Marjane Satrapi Year Published:
    Memoirs of a girl growing up during the Iranian Revolution.
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  • Red Scarf Girl

    Red Scarf Girl

    by Ji Li Jiang Year Published:
    Memoirs of a young Chinese girl growing up during Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution.
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My Personal List - Summer '11

  • Demon: A Memoir

    Demon: A Memoir

    by Tosca Lee Year Published:
    Clayton's life is stuck in the mud. His wife has been cheating on him for years, his literary career is uninspired, and his job as an editor is mediocre at best. But when he walks into a restaurant and finds a mysterious dark-haired stranger waiting for him, his life dramatically changes. The stranger claims to be Lucian, one of Lucifer's fellow fallen angels, come to tell Clay his story of the angels' dramatic fall from Heaven, Adam and Eve's Eden, and Christ's triumph on the cross - from a demon's perspective. This seems just the thing to get Clay's career jump started, but it could mean his ultimate success or failure as Lucian's story seems to become more and more like his own.
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  • The Bride Collector

    The Bride Collector

    by Ted Dekker Year Published:
    "He loves them because they are beautiful. He kills them because he loves them. A virtuoso killer is carving a path of death across the west, intent on killing only the most beautiful women, all in the name of love. He has claimed six victims and slipped through the FBI’s fingers, each time leaving behind a hand written note and a bridal veil. Full of surprising wit and hair-raising twists that will keep you riveted to the end, The Bride Collector will haunt you with a new way of looking at beauty, love and the world in which you live."

    Note: This book is available in our Library.
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  • The Priest's Graveyard

    by Ted Dekker Year Published:
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  • The Voice

    The Voice

    by Bill Myers Year Published:
    Charlie Madison's life is turned upside down when his 13-year-old niece barges in with news that her parents have been kidnapped. While developing a computer program, they recorded the actual voice of God---and religious radicals have taken extreme action. Can Charlie find Jaz's parents and their work before reality is altered by its original Creator?
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U. S. History

  • The Jungle

    by Upton Sinclair Year Published:
    The deplorable conditions of the Chicago stockyards are exposed in this turn-of-the-century novel.
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African American Studies