Marking period 3

  • Hello,

       This marking period we are examining the ethical issues surrounding cell research and the human body.  We are reading a variety of texts that discuss the ethics of studying the human body, selling tissue, etc. This topic has generated a great deal of discussion and some incredible topics that involve a higher level of thinking.  In addition, each student is responsible for a 2 to 3 page research paper which will also include a cover and citation page.  The student's are able to pick a topic that interest them that also involves the human body and medical conditions.  The project will be completed in a step by step process which allows each student to work at their own pace.  Also each student will have individual conferences with me so that I can monitor their progress and make sure they are successfully completing their research.  We are very busy and spending a great deal of time researching and writing.  This is a very exciting time for the students as they work diligently on a number of higher critical thinking skills.  As always please feel free to contact me at anytime.

    Mrs. Bartosz