SAY YES !!!! - Program Information

  • Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, the SAY YES program is offering Buffalo Public School students the opportunity to attend college at little or no cost to them!! Please read the attached forms or contact your son or daughter's school counselor for more information.  Please visit for more information.


    SAY Yes applications will available after January 2017 for the Class of 2017

    This year SAY Yes application will be submitted through an online form.You must create an account through SAY Yes to apply.

    There are a few important things to point out:
    1. Students will be asked to provide their social security number
    2. Like last year, students will be asked to provide an estimate of their annual family income as well as provide both student and parent email addresses.  A valid email address is crucial because all correspondence with students from Say Yes will be via email.
    3. Students will be asked to provide their intended college major (if they are undecided, they should indicate as such).
    4. Please remind students that if they do not know what college they will be attending in the fall at the time that they fill out the form, THEY WILL HAVE TO CONTACT SAY YES AS SOON AS THEY MAKE A FINAL COLLEGE DECISION.
    5. The deadline for the form this year is TBD.
    6. Once a student has successfully submitted their form, they should receive an automatic email response from Say Yes.  Please remind them to read that email as it contains very important information about next steps.

    You can download the student responsibility form and appeal form below. Applications for appeals are also available in the Guidance office room 224. Please return appeal forms to your counselor. Be mindful of deadline dates: Applications must be submitted to SAY YES no later than TBD and appeal forms and supporting documents are due to SAY YES no later than TBD

    Also, please remember that all students and families completing SAY YES applications must also complete their FAFSA and TAP applications to be considered. The window for FAFSA completion begins October 1, 2016.



    Updated SAY Yes Partner Schools!!!!


    to get an updated list of all of the SAY Yes partner schools for the 2016- 2017 school year.

    29 New Private School Partners This Year!! Download the list below.

    2016-2017 SAY Yes! Workshops

    Download the flyer and contact SAY Yes to register

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