Four Year High School Plan

  • The key to having a successful high school experience is to plan.  Each year of your high school experience builds your high school transcript which is part of what colleges, universities, apprenticeships, and employers will evaluate you on. Here are some suggestions to make your high school career a SUCCESS!!

    • Select your high school courses carefully. Choose the highest level in academic courses that challenge you.
    • Take 4 years of science,math, and foreign language.  This is above and beyond the state requirements, however, most 4 year colleges and universities require them for admission.
    • Stay current with all homework, project, and assignments.  Often once students begin to fall behind it is difficult to catch up!  Ask for help as soon as you feel overwhelmed do not wait for it to get out of control!
    • Take the PSAT in your 9th and 11th grade year.
    • Take an SAT and/or ACT prep course.
    • Get to know your teachers, counselors, school administrators and community members. These people will be who you turn to for college and scholarship letters of recommendation in your junior and senior years.
    • Investigate colleges, universities and careers during your freshman, sophomore and junior years.