Financial Aid Information, Websites, and Forms


    The Basic Types of Financial Aid

    Grants & Scholarships- Awarded based on your financial need, academic ability or a special talent. You do not have to pay them back. Before you apply for a loan, be sure to get learn whether your college offers an EOP or HEOP program.  See website below to learn about qualification.

    TAP- New York State's Tuition Assistance Program is the state's largest grant program. You must study for a degree full time at an approved college in New York State, and meet state and federal eligibility. Part time TAP is available for students who completed requirements as first-time freshman in 2006-07 or thereafter.

    Undergraduate awards range from $500 - $5000.

    Work Study- You work part time in a job designated by the college. What you earn helps pay education expenses.

    Loans- Loans must be paid back with interest. Students and parents can borrow from the federal government, particiapting lenders, and through other programs offered by the college. 

    (Taken from the HESC "How you can pay for college" brochure).


    ***It is important that students know which financial aid forms the colleges to which they are applying require. Check with each institution to be sure that the required forms are submitted by the appropriate deadline.


    ***Remember that you should never pay a fee to receive financial assistance!!!


    Financial Aid and Scholarship Websites   Offers college and financial aid planning, informative videos, helpful tips and tools, and a step-by-step tutorial for completing the FAFSA, as well as a wealth of information about federal, state and college-sponsored aid, including grants, such as New York’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), and other scholarships, loans and work study programs. The site also features a link, provided by Intuit, to the TurboTax electronic income tax form, which then pre-populates portions of the FAFSA.   Also see this site for specifics re: financial aid information sessions and “Complete the FAFSA” workshop events. - HEOP & EOP informaiton - scholarship search - financial aid information - financial aid information -Official FAFSA website - information & ability to estimate how much aid you'll get  -Link to Western New York scholarships










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