Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • The FAFSA is required for any student seeking state or federal student loans, grants, work study, and in some instances scholarships for college. For students planning on attending college in the fall of 2017, the first date that you may submit a FAFSA application is now October 1, 2016. However, students and their parents can log in NOW to apply for their FSA ID. Follow the link below to go directly to the official FAFSA website.


    FSA ID - You can do this NOW!!

    The FSA ID—the username and password a student needs for signing the FAFSA and for various other uses on Federal Student Aid websites—replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN in May 2015. Ask students to visit to learn about and create an FSA ID. Parents will aslo have to apply for a FSA ID. 

    Basic FAFSA info: what is it; how do you fill it out: