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  • UB's MICE Program: Students interested in business and entrepreneurship, see below:

    We have had 3 great years with this unique business course at UB,

    ethical Entrepreneurship Training Program

    Registration is now open on- line  at  or call me at 912-2884.

    THE MICE Foundation: Meszaros International Center of Entrepreneurship in partnership with UB


    WHO: bright, dependable, high school juniors or seniors (in September) who are interested in taking charge of their lives.                                                                                                                                                  WHAT: An ethical Entrepreneurship Training Program to learn the secrets of personal success and qualify to earn college credit with a successful completion of the program Check out the testimonials on the website

    WHERE: The University at Buffalo, UB school of Management on North Campus                       WHEN: October through March, following the secondary school’s regular calendar.                    WHY: To discover your potential, earn college credit from UB* optional, and transferable                                   Be a candidate for scholarship to a college of your choice

     About the organization

    The Meszaros International Center of Entrepreneurship (MICE) is a not-for-profit foundation [501(c)] that develops and delivers entrepreneurship training products and programs. MICE has already successfully completed programs in Central Europe. MICE was founded and originally funded by Laszlo (Les) Meszaros, a former entrepreneur who successfully started companies, most notably Voice Technologies Group, which he sold to Intel Corporation. Initially, Les wanted to give something back to his birthplace, Hungary, where opportunities were much more limited than in the United States, so the initial focus of MICE was in Central Europe. For three years, MICE has been running quite successfully in Hungary. (Please click on Video to see the benefits of the MICE program as expressed by Hungarian students).

    We have had great success in achieving our goals which called for implementation for a selected group of schools in the immediate Buffalo area, during the 2007-2008 school year. We are in our second year of operation (2008-09) with a minimal expansion of our recruiting base and we are in the process of recruiting for the 2009-2010 year from all city, suburban schools, public, private ofr independent

    Our Mission,

    The mission of MICE is to provide high-quality entrepreneurial guidance and information to students and business practitioners. More specifically, MICE:

    • Provides high-level ethical, entrepreneurial, and leadership training and education
    • Assists individuals in realizing their potential and goals
    • Develops future visionary, inspirational, and ethical business leaders
    • Reestablishes tolerance and encourages individuality, self-determination, risk-taking, and innovation
    • Provides opportunities for economic and personal growth, a better quality of life, and the right to choose
    • Assists, trains, and supports prospective and practicing entrepreneurs
    • Extends its offerings to provide an impetus for economic revitalization
    • Designs and awards international study scholarships


    Our Vision,

    MICE envision itself becoming the premier provider of entrepreneurial training in Western New York and other parts of the United States. To reach this lofty goal, the Entrepreneur Training Program (ETP) intends to create a critical mass of entrepreneurial advocates, a growth in enterprise start-ups, increased domestic and foreign visibility, and government recognition of the value of ethical, moral, and socially responsible business practices.

      As ETP program sites stabilize, our interim goals are to:
    • Develop broadly scoped affiliate groups (businesses, corporations, consultants, universities, religious organizations, non-profits, philanthropists, employers, and so on) who contribute to and benefit from the competencies of MICE
    • Develop additional products, materials, and courses that address the needs of current business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and university audiences
    • Broaden the reach of our program to include sites beyond Western New York.

    For MICE, results at that scale are a relative concept that is governed by available resources. For example, in the three years that ETP has been offered, the program has tripled and now offers programs in three cities. While overall expenditures for MICE have risen, the cost per student has remained stable. Extending this experience to the interim goals means that as MICE expands its programs and reach, each initiative must perform within resource parameters. We feel that doing so is attainable and supports the pursuit of forming area-specific affiliate groups that become partners in MICE activities. Within three to five years, we envision offering ETP programs in most of the schools in WNY and several other cities beyond Buffalo and its immediate surroundings. We also foresee the creation of instructional materials that might generate revenue and a formal training program that assures competent delivery of program content.


    Classes will begin in Western New York in October at the University of Buffalo North Campus. Classes will be held on Saturday mornings from 9AM- noon. Depending on interest, a Thursday evening class may also be added.

    Applications are available in Guidance.  Please go to for the course outline and further information, and if you wish to download the application or to apply online. We encourage any student interested in business or entrepreneurship to attend.

    Rochester Institute of Technology College & Careers Program- A 2 day program for students who will be entering their senior year in the fall, which begins on a Friday and concludes mid afternoon the following day. During the program, students will attend up to 4 academic workshops that range from a variety of majors including Bioinformatics, Game Design and Development, Packaging Science,a nd SPecial Effects Photography. There are over 70 academic sessions to choose from. Students are invited to stay overnight in the residence halls and fuly participate in a wide variety of fun activities. A social event is offered on Friday evening. This program is offered on 2 weekends:  July 23-24 and August 6-7, 2010. Interested students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 585-475-6631. Starting in June students can register on line at


    Attention Sophomores and Juniors!!!

    Canisius College

    is sponsoring a

    Career Days event

    • Explore career choices and academic areas
    • Get a hands-on college experience
    • Spend the night on campus

    $50 deposit required(will be refunded at event sign-in)


    Culinary institute of America

    Career Discovery for High School Students- A program for high school students considering a culinary career: demonstrations, lectures and hands on kitchen production in addition to visits to establishments in culinary related fields.  Grades 11 & 12, ages 16-18, 4 days.  Contact: ask for the culinary discovery coordinator 1-800-285-4627,

    Journey To Success- The Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession program is an all expense paid 4 day learning program which exposes minority high school junior students to careers in the business world.  It is jointly sponsored by the University at Buffalo and is held at UB from Monday, June 28 - Thursday, July 1, 2010.  Students are selected for the program based on GPA, extra curricular activities, and short essays. There is no cost to attend the program. Applications are available in guidance. for more information.

    UB's Excelsior Scholars Summer Program: This is a fine opportunity for students to experience hands-on biotechnology field and laboratory work.  The program will run at the Buffalo Museum of Science and will be managed by UB's Center for Educational Collaboration and instructors from the Buffalo Museum of Science.  The program runs from

    Counselors or teachers will nominate up to 5 students, and these students must score 3 or 4 on science or the most recent NYS math and/or ELA exams.  Students must also be in accelerated classes. 

    CIMINELLI TEAM PROGRAM:  A mentorship program with monthly lectures and workshops with industry professions, to learn from people working construction and technology in WNY, and a chance to employ skills learned through interactive sessions.  An opportunity to learn about technical, engeinerring, archtecture and construction careers.  Applications due October 7, and are available in Guidance.