ATTAIN Computer Skills & certification

  • Students 16 or over are eligible to attend SUNY Buffalo's ATTAIN Summer Institute at EOC on Washington Street.  The program offers training in Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007, and Access or Outlook 2007.  Trainings are offered: Cycle 1 - June 6 to June 24, Cycle 2 - June 2 to July 8, Cycle 3 - July 11 to July 29, Cycle 4 -  August 1 to August 19.  These skills will be helpful to any college student, and to many people in their jobs.  The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification strengthens applications for jobs and could mean higher salaries.  See the flier outside Guidance, which shows salary options with the certification.

    Call 837-7954 to register, and find them on Facebook.