Career Fair-Questions to Ask Career Consultants

  • How much do you really know about Career Opportunities and Occupations? 

    Listed below are some questions you might like to ask career consultants.

    1.  Nature of Work

        a.  What duties does one perform in this work each day?

        b.  Are the duties involved the same or different each week, month, or season?

        c.  What equipment is used in the performance of tasks?

        d.  What materials are handled?

        e.  What is the importance of the work and its relation to society?

    2.  Working Conditions

        a.  Is the work done indoors or outdoors?

        b.  Is the work seasonal, irregular, or steady?

        c.  How many hours are worked each day or week?

        d.  Is overtime required?

        e.  Are surroundings safe and pleasant?

        f.  What kind of organizations employ workers in this occupation?

        g.  What are the present and probable future demands for workers?

        h.  Do your workers belong to a union?

    3.  Education and Training

        a.  How much general education is required?

        b.  What specialized or technical training is needed?

        c.   What are the physical demands of the work?

        d.  What, if any, special abilities are needed?

        e.  Is necessary training secured on the job?  Off the job?

         f.  How long is the training period?

    4.  Payment For Services (Remuneration)

         a.  What is the usual beginning salary or wage?  Average annual earnings? Average lifetime earnings?

         b.  What increases in salary can be expected?  Under what conditions?

         c.  Is the pay in wages, commissions, bonuses, or as a direct price for a product sold or particular service rendered?

         d.  What provisions are made for sickness benefits, retirement income, unemployment insurance, profit sharing, vacations, discounts on goods purchased from the company?

    5.  Opportunities for Self-Improvement and Advancement

          a.  What are the usual lines of promotion?

          b.  How are higher positions filled?

          c.  Is it possible to obtain training for a promotion?

          d.  What opportunities are presented to the worker to develop personally?

    6.  Personal-Social Qualifications

         a.  What personality traits are most important?

         b.  To what extent is ability to work with others required?

         c.  Is it possible to obtain training for promotion?


          **Taken from the Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council's Career Awarness Night Promotion Handouts