Military Recruiters

  • Military recruiters will host informational tables throughout the school year during high school lunch periods. Students and their parents who wish to "opt out" of having their directory information (name, address, and telephone number) released to the Armed Services and their recruiters must obtain an "Opt Out" form from guidance during the month of September each year. "Opt Out" forms are given to 11th and 12th grade students during the first week of school. It is the student's and/or parent's responsibility to ensure that the form is returned to the student's counselor by the deadline date indicated on the form. These forms are kept on file in the Buffalo Public Schools Guidance Office at City Hall. 

    The ASVAB- Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery will be given at BAVPA in March 2017 please check with your counselor for exact date and a permission slip to take the test.


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