Assignment #4 Due 10/5/10 - Pet Sketch

  • Sketchbook Assignment #4


    Pet Sketch

    Draw your pet or pets.

    (If you have no pet, go to a friend or relative with a pet.  Or go to the zoo or a park and watch the animals or birds.)

    First make yourself comfortable, have your supplies ready. Observe the animal for a few minutes to get a sense of the character and structure of the animal.

    You can use any drawing medium you prefer, pencil, watercolor, marker, sharpie….

    Spend at least 20 minutes drawing. You can do 1 twenty-minute drawing, 4 five-minute drawings, or 20 one-minute drawings.  MAKE SURE YOU SPEND AT LEAST 20 MINUTES OR MORE! Set a timer if you need to.

    It takes about twenty minutes to really get into the drawing mode. If after twenty minutes you would like to continue, please do!