My Booklist

  • This is a list of books that I have read and have deepen my understanding of Art or the world around us.

    The textbooks and study guide for AP Art History are also included.

    AP Art History 

    Sources for readings:

    Adams, Laurie Schneider, A History of Western Art, 1997.

    Art of Our Century. The Chronicle of Western Art 1900 to the Present, 1989. (AC)

    Honour, Hugh and John Fleming. The Visual Arts: A History, 4th ed., 1995. (H&F)

    Janson, H.W. History of Art, 5th ed., 1995. (J)

    Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the Artists, 1995.

    Rosenblum, Robert, and H.W. Janson, 19th Century Art, 1984. (19C)

    Stokstad, Marilyn.  Art History.  1995.

    Strickland, Carol.  The Annotated Mona Lisa, 1992.

    Tansey, Richard G. and Fred S. Kleiner. Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 12th ed., 2004. (G)

    Wilkins, David G., Bernard Schultz, and Katheryn M. Linduff, Art Past, Art Present, 1997. (APAP)

    + others as noted on syllabus

AP Art History

  • Barron's AP Art History

    by John Nici Year Published: Average
    AP Art History Test Preparation Study Guide, includes practice test and CD Excellent book for AP Exam preparation.
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