Greek Art - The Greeks

  • Assignment 1:  VIDEO QUIZ over Michael Woods’ Art of the Western World:  THE CLASSICAL IDEAL at  Click on ‘VoD’ to the right of “THE CLASSICAL IDEAL.” NOTE:  THIS IS A 60-minute video, so the quiz will count TWICE.

    Assignment 2: Reading in textbook Geometric, Orientalizing, and Archaic Periods of Greek Art, Gardner’s 108-115 (Stop at “Architecture and Architectural Sculpture”)

    Assignment 3: Reading in textbookArchaic Architecture and Vase Painting, Gardner’s, 115-126

    Assignment 4: Reading in textbook Early and High Classical Statuary, Gardner’s 126-132 (Stop at “The Athenian Acropolis”) AND Late Classical Period, Gardner’s 137 - 142 

    Assignment 5: Reading download Vitruvius, on Doric and Corinthian orders and Classical Architecture, Adams, 108-119 

    Assignment 6: Reading download Vergil, The Aeneid, Bk II, Laocoön  AND Reading in textbook Hellenistic sculpture, Gardner’s 158 - 164 

    Assignment 7: Reading in textbook Etruscan art, Gardner’s 233-242 (stop at “Etruscan Art and the Rise of Rome”)

    Assignment 8: Reading in textbook Roman Architecture, Gardner’s 250-254

     Assignment 9:Reading in textbook Pompeii and Roman Painting, Gardner’s 254 (Start at “Pompeii and the Cities of Vesuvius”) – 264 (Stop at “Early Empire”)


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