• Course Syllabus and Class Expectations       Ms. Linda Greenan      Grade 5

     Course Title:  Elementary Education- English-Language Arts -  Course meets daily.

     Course Description:

    These courses closely follow the Buffalo Public Schools fifth grade curriculum and pacing guide. Instruction is congruent to the New York State Standards and the new Common Core Curriculum. Through continuous collaboration with grade level teachers, we will emphasize student learning, collaborative work, create an environment which fosters caring and productive citizens, and monitor students’ progress continually.  We will align instruction with research, data, and best practices in order to provide meaningful classroom instruction. The goal of the District’s Literacy Program is to improve the quality of reading and writing for all students.


    Assessment and Grading:

    Identify SMART goals for each unit.  Classroom lessons will be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Results oriented, and Time bound.

    • Students will be assessed for each of the five key components which constitute the foundation for reading:  phonemic awareness, phonics/decoding/spelling, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
    • At the conclusion of each story, students will take an assessment and spelling test.
    • At the conclusion of a unit, a benchmark or unit assessment is administered.  The assessments are based upon the skills units of study. Each assessment includes multiple choice questions, short responses, and essays.      
    • Homework is directly related to the material taught in school, is meant to reinforce the content taught in class, and a percentage of their homework will be graded.  
    • Student participation is important.  Participation in class includes remaining on task, and participating in small and whole group instruction.  Attendance in class daily is imperative.


    Assessment of students’ progress is based upon the following percentages for a ten week period:


                Language – 30% (spelling, grammar and vocabulary)

                Story Test- 20%

                Writing - 15%

    Spelling Test – 5%

    Benchmark and Unit Test – 30%


    Behavioral Expectations:

    The teacher’s expectations greatly influence students’ achievement in the classroom.  It is necessary to maintain positive and high expectations of students at all times.

     BAVPA Classroom Rules: 

    As a teacher, I will do the following:                         As a student, I expect the following:

    Be on time and ready to teach daily                         Be on time for class and prepared to learn

    Be fair                                                                  Respect yourself and other students

    Listen                                                                   Raise your hand and wait to be called upon

    Keep current with best practices                                Work cooperatively in groups



    Contact information:       Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts

                                       450 Masten Avenue   Buffalo, NY  14209  (716) 816-4220