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    The District Second Language Proficiency(DSLP)Exam in:


    Monday, June 19,2017


    Course Descriptions:


    Spanish Grade 8


                The eighth-grade Spanish course is designed to reflect the four basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing and is aligned with Checkpoint A and the Common Core Standards.  By the end of the school year, students should be able to use Spanish for communication in the above-mentioned skill areas and develop cross-cultural understanding.  Vocabulary and grammar are based on the City of Buffalo World Languages curriculum guide.  Emphasis is placed on comprehensible utterances or phrases when speaking, discerning information for authentic documents and reading selections, and writing skills that incorporate correct vocabulary and understandable grammar concepts. 


    High School Level I


                High school foreign language instruction is a sequential program beginning with Level I.  The Level I Spanish class is a beginning level course that incorporates grammar, vocabulary, and culture per Checkpoint A and the Common Core Standards for languages other than English (LOTE). Classes meet five days per week.  Students will be exposed to authentic cultural situations in Spanish as they develop speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.  Most grammatical structures involve expressions in the present tense or the future using “ir a”.  Homework is an essential element of the class.  Regular practice and review of the vocabulary and grammar will help lead to a proficiency in the language. 


      • Homework is given from Mondays to Thursdays.
      • Projects are given every marking period.

    Note: Students are required to study vocabulary regularly to prepare for the District Second language Proficiency (DSLP) exam given in June .





     School Supplies


                  Quantity                    Description


      1.     1     3 Ring Binder (2")
      2.     1     Folder  (one two pocket for homework)
      3.     1     5 tab dividers (bell work/notes, vocabulary, verbs, homework and      tests/quizzes)
      4.      -      Packs of paper (loose leaf)
      5.      -      Pens or pencils
      6.      -      Art supplies (colored pencils, markers, poster board etc...)
      7.     1      Dictionary (English/Spanish)
      8.     1      USB flash drive (high school only)