• Dear Admissions Counselor,


                I am writing on behalf of Antione Holmes who is a senior at Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts.  I have known Antione for 4 years and can attest to his exceptional qualities both academic and personal.  Personally Antione is thoughtful and possesses the ability to distill complex intellectual matters to their essence.  Additionally, he has extremely well developed interpersonal skills.  These skills, coupled with his understanding of social situations give Antione the ability to always interact appropriately regardless of the circumstances.  Because of these exceptional communication skills, Antione is both respected by the faculty and viewed as a leader by his peers.

                Antione excels in the academic realm as well.  As his classroom teacher for Participation in Government and Economics, I can personally attest to his academic skills and talents.  He not only maintains a high average (97+), but also demonstrates the ability to work with advanced concepts and process difficult information.  I have always been pleased with his academic effort and performance and can honestly say that at no point in time was I ever disappointed in him.  He is always prompt and prepared, courteous and respectful, hardworking and diligent. 

                In addition Antione finds time to help out with our senior class where we put his superior organizational skills to use.  In fact, Antione is also a part of a group of students who plan events, fund raisers, and field trips.  This group also meets to discuss upcoming plans for our school.  Antione is a tremendous asset to our school and his assistance will be missed when he has graduated.

                These things taken in total give you some idea of the kind of person Antione is.  I strongly recommend him for admittance at the college or university level where I believe he will reach his full potential.  If you have any questions regarding this remarkable young man, please feel free to call me on my personal phone (716-574-3777) at any time.









                                                                                        M. Borgioli