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     Assignments for the closure will be in GREEN

    This is not an assignment, but it IS a major shout out to those who are doing an amazing job while we are out.  Click HERE for student shout outs!


    Week Ten: Wow, the ten week mark!  If you are reading this then no matter what, you should be proud of the fact that you are completing assignments and doing your best despite a difficult situation.  Nothing will hold you back in life, and nothing can hold you back from doing module #2 HERE

    Again, remember your attendance:

    Period 2 click HERE

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    Period 8/HR click HERE


    Week Nine: Your assignment is on EverFi!  Everfi is like the Gen-i-Revolution, only its a little easier to navigate.  It also allows you to earn a certification in financial literacy if you complete all the assignments.  For your first EverFi assignment Module#1, click HERE.


    Period 2 click HERE

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    Week Eight: NEW POLICY!! From NOW ON, you MUST click your "attendance" every week in order to earn credit and prevent a "no contact" report being sent to the district for that week.  I made it as easy for you as I could, so below, click your period and name.  There will be a new link every week.  If you know Seniors who are not aware of this change LET THEM KNOW.  Post on groupchat or.. as Mr B. says: "Whatever you do, inform the crew!"

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    Week Seven: This week we explore financial institutions like Banks and Credit Unions. (4/27-5/1)

    Click HERE to open a powerpoint from the Federal Reserve Bank about Banks.  The powerpoint is in comic book form, so those of you that like comics, enjoy. (4/27-4/28)

    Then click HERE to participate in an activity where you become the FED chairperson.  You set the prime rate and that affects both unemployment and inflation.  Its a bit tricky until you get the hang of it.  Read the instructions and do your best. (4/29)

    Click HERE for a huge list of credit unions anyone can join.  Find one you are eligible for and check the rates for loans on a used car, a mortgage and a personal loan.  You will find the rates are always better than banks can offer. (5/1)


    Week Six: It's all about taxes this week!  You will spend more money on taces than on food, housing, transportation, health care or any other financial category.  It's your biggest single expense.  And since there is estate tax, you can't even count on getting free when you die.  Only one link this week but its a huge one.  Its called "Dragon Tax Simulator" and, like most of these lessons, there is a mixture of fun and learning.  You have to do the taxes of a dragon, in this simulation. It has income from looted treasure and expenses from dragon things and its seriously hard with a lot of math.  When we do this in a classroom setting, it usually takes students a few times to get the correct answer.  If you get it wrong, try again!  Once you figure this out, you can probably handle the REAL Dragon (the IRS!).  Learn and Enjoy!  Click HERE (4/20-4/24)


    Week Five: This week's topic is Financial Institutions (Like Banks or Credit Unions)

    Click HERE to do the Gen I Revolution mission about Financial Institutions (4/13-4/16)

    Click HERE to read an article about Banks and Credit Unions (4/17)

    Click HERE to do a simulation where you use financial institutions to spend money responsibly as you cross the country.  If you make bad choices, you don't make it! (4/18)


    Week Four: This Week's toipc is Credit Cards.  First, do the Geni Mission, then read the article and complete the quiz.  Finally, complete the credit card simulations in the third link.  Again, the Geni missions are hard, but hang with them and you will do fine.

    Click HERE for the GeniRevolution mission about credit cards. (4/6-4/8)

    Click HERE for the article summary and quiz. (4/9)

    Click HERE for the simulations. (4/10)


    Week Three: This week's topic is insurance.  First, do the home and auto insurance simulation until you understand the risk versus reward dynamic of insurance.  Then do the GenI Revolution mission on insurance.  Again, the GenI missions are hard and they are advanced, but I believe you can do whatever you truly work hard at.  Learn and Enjoy!

    Click HERE for a week three assignment (Home and Auto Insurance 3/30-3/31)

    Click HERE for a week three assignment (GenI Revolution Insurance 4/1-4/3)


    Week Two: This is a financial games week!  Play the investing games first and get the general idea, then play Financial soccer/football.  While the investing games teach basic investing theory, the financial games are more like a quiz of your basic financial literacy.  Learn and Enjoy!  

    Click HERE for a week two assignment (Financial Soccer 3-27)

    Click HERE for a week two assignment (Financial Football 3-26)

    Click HERE for a week two assignment (Investing 3/23-3/25)


    Week ONE:

    Click HERE for week one's assignment (Basic Investing 3/18-3/20)

    Click HERE for week one's assignment (Investing 3/17)


    Click HERE for an old assignment (GenIRevolution 401k 3/9) 

    Click HERE for the PROJECT (How the Market Works 3/3 - 6/24)

    Click HERE for the S&P 500 map and HERE for a charting site

    Click HERE for an old assignment (The Reality of Poverty 1/29)

    Click HERE for Test#1 Heroes 

    Click HERE for today's warm up

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