International Trade


    First, click HERE.  At the bottom select: "I am a new player".  Then click: "play the trading game".  Now click on the Sophie from Europe.  If you pick another trader you will be starting at a different place compared to everyone else.

    Your job is to buy and sell goods with other countries.  You want to bargin for lower prices on the goods that you buy and higher prices on the goods that you sell. 

    The trick is to buy goods when global economic conditions are bad (meaning prices are low), and sell goods then global economic conditions are good (meaning prices are high).

    Your task is to buy all the goods from asia, africa and austrailia and still have 9000 US dollars left.  Each trader has 10 units of each commodity for sale so you will have to make 30 negotiations with each trader to buy out all their stock.  If you complete this task, raise your hand and I will be around to check.