• Participation in Government

    Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts

    2015-2016 School year

    Mr. Borgioli

    Course Syllabus


    Purpose of the Course:

    Students that are enrolled in Participation in Government will examine real and substantive issues.  Students will use their intellectual facilities to process data generated by the issues or problems addressed in the course,  In addition, the term ‘participation’ must be understood in the broad sense to include out of school projects as well as in class activities that involve students in the analysis of governmental issues.  Defining, analyzing, monitoring and discussing issues are the fundamental participatory activities in this classroom.

    What is expected of the student:

    1. Be on time to class.  All classes will begin at the appropriate time.  All classes will start immediately after the bell rings.

    2. Please observe the rules of the classroom:

    • Do not talk out of turn in class

    • Do not disrupt another student in class

    • Do not disrupt the teacher during class

    • Treat all classroom materials provided to you with care

    1. Unless otherwise stated all assignments (in class or otherwise) and/or quizzes are expected to be completed by the student and turned in the next school day.  It is up to the teacher’s discretion to accept any work not returned in a timely fashion.

    2. Be prepared for class,  The student should have the following in class at all times:  pen or pencil, loose leaf paper for the folder, a notebook, any special materials requested by the teacher, and any previously given assigned work completed before the start of class.

    3. All students are to observe the rules as stated in the BAVPS student handbook.


                    This class is project driven, meaning that its focus is using the knowledge you acquire, coupled with real world skills and talents to produce authentic, meaningful large scale projects which will constitute 40% of the student’s grade.  Homework will comprise 25% of the grade, quizzes will account for another 25% and class participation will earn you the final 10%

                    Since projects often require group work, there is a need for students to maintain self control and refrain from talking when it is not appropriate to the task at hand.  Off task of disruptive behavior is not tolerated.  Any student disrupting the learning environment for others may ne docked up to 10% of the grade for a given marking period.


                    The subjects and curriculum that this class covers throughout the school year will not be easy.  Anyone who is having problems with the material should see me as soon as possible to work them out.  As your teacher I am here for your benefit and will make myself available both before and after school.  If you are struggling, use me as your resource and do not hesitate to contact me!  You may e-mail me at: or contact me before or after class to set up a time where we can address your needs.  There is nothing that can’t be done if we work together.

                    I am looking forward to a school year that will be fun, challenging and rewarding for us all.  Good Luck!



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