Stock Market Game

  • The Stock Market Game:


    Goal: Make the most money by the end of the year by picking stocks that will improve in value.


    To register for the game:


    1. Log in to the computer

    2. Open up Internet Explorer and go to:

    3. In the upper right corner of the window, click on: Register for free!

    4. Fill in your: First name, E-mail, password (use your BAVPA password), and put in your age.

    5. Make sure you have checked the: I agree to the terms and conditions box.

    6. Make sure you UNcheck the: FREE offers boxes.

    7. Finally click the green box marked: Register me now!

    8. Now UNcheck the: FREE offers, scroll to the bottom and hit: Continue

    9. Now enter your password and click GO

    10. You are in!


    Ok, now manage your portfolio:


    Enter your Portfolio Name

    Set your Starting Virtual Cash to: 2000.00

    Set the Commission to 1.00

    Click: Update


    To research companies:


    1. Click: “Symbol lookup” in the green left hand margin

    2. Enter the company name (i.e. pepsi)

    3. Click: Find

    4. Click the company’s stock symbol (i.e. PEP)

    5. Right above where you entered the company name, click the: Charts tab.

    6. Manipulate the chart to get an idea of the company’s profitability.


    To buy or sell stock:


    When you want to buy or sell stock, click; “stock game” in the green margin and select the: “trade now” tab.  Then enter the # of shares and the symbol.