Ellis Island Webquest


    1. go to

    2. Answer the following questions on the line with the matching letter:


    a. When did Ellis Island open/close?

    b. What are some of the reasons people left their homes in the old country?

    c. Where were 1st and 2nd class passengers let off the ship?

    d. Where were 3rd class/steerage passengers let off the ship? Why?

    e. What ended the mass immigration into the U.S.?


    3. Go on to page 2 of the website (at the bottom) and answer the following:


    f. From 1865-1892, where was the NY immigration center?

    g. How was Ellis Island made larger?

    h. How many immigrants passed through Ellis Island in the 50 years from 1892-1942?

    i. Why did they move the immigration station to Battery Park?

    j. In 1900, why did they look for a better location than Battery Park?

    k. What was the purpose of a contagious diseases and psychiatric ward on the Island?

    l. Why did few immigrants come to the US from 1911-1919?

    m. Why were German immigrants deported around 1917-8?

    n. What kind of requirement was put on immigrants from 1917-1952?

    o. What about Asian immigrants?

    p. What did the National Origins Act of 924 say?

    q. Why did more immigrants LEAVE the U.S. than enter during the 1930s?

    r. Why was the Island closed in 1954?

    s. What did the Hart-Cellar Act cause in the U.S.

    t. What happened to Ellis Island in the 1980s?

    u. What became a problem in the 1980s and 90s?

    v. What is Ellis Island today?

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