Black Friday

  • Black Friday

    The day after Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as "Black Friday".  It is the start of holiday shopping season and the day that retailers try to attract consumers to their stores with sales. Because of the great prices that are only availible on Black Friday, people literally stand in line hours before the store is opened.  Today we are going to compare prices for items in Black Friday adds with online prices.


    Click on a link in the adds section below and find an item that seems to have a low price.  Then open the google shopping link and type in the product.  Record the item in the Black Friday Records page.  Then record the Black Friday sale price and the best price you could get the item for online using the google shopping service.  Remember that you have to actually follow the google links to see if they represent real products from real stores!  You need to do this 12 times.


    Adds Section:

    Walmart's Black Friday add (25 pages)

    Best Buy's Black Friday add (12 pages)

    Target's Black Friday add (32 pages)

    GameStop Black Friday add (13 Pages)


    Google shopping link: HERE

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