Review Monday

  • This is Review!  You WILL NOT be able to finish in one day so NO GAMES! (other than the instructional games here, of course)

    First play the "Road to Revolution" game by clicking HERE

    Then click HERE to play the word search with Revolutionary War Vocab words

    Now complete the timeline activity HERE

    Then complete the SECOND timeline activity by clicking HERE (this one is harder!)

    Finally click the interactive flash map and answer the last 5 questions HERE

    Explore the life of a Continental Soldier HERE

    Now click HERE and play "Meet the Framers"

    Next click HERE and see how well you score!

    Then play THIS to check your understanding.

    Now click HERE to play sentence surgeons...

    Now RECOVER the BILL of RIGHTS by click HERE OMG!

    And NOW see which founding father you are most like HERE

    Then click HERE for Constitutional hangman

    Now click HERE for battleship

    Finally click HERE for the final challange of the Day!