Liberal or Conservative

  • Name ____________________________                               Per ____________





    1. Log onto the computers.

    2. Go to:

    3. Answer all questions on the page.  READ them and pick the answer YOU think best.

    4. Click; Next page

    5. Continue READING and answering until you have completed all 6 pages.

    6. Finally as you answer the last section, click; Now let’s see where you stand

    7. SCROLL DOWN to the part which says: “Your political compass” and look at your chart




    Place a dot on the chart below in the same place as your dot.




    Now scroll down and find where it says: USA+ and open it.  Select: US Presidential Election 2020 from the dropdown menu


    Who is the candidate that most closely represents your positions?  (The one who’s dot is


    closest to yours) _______________________________________