Hip Hop History the 1920s

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    The troops came home, move from war to peace

    Warren Harding promised a return to “normalcy”

    The U.S. promoted world peace and started with

    Encouraging reduction of arms: disarmament

    The fear that communism was everywhere

    Was evident in America during the Red Scare

    Prohibition turned out to be a failure

    People smuggled alcohol, they were bootleggers

    Music and dance were changing fast

    With the new sound by black musicians called jazz

    Literature was changing too

    With new authors like Langston Hughes

    People invested in stocks to make a profit

    A period of rising stocks is a bull market

    People started buying on margin

    Borrowing money to put in the stock market



    Adjusting to peacetime, changes in society

    The Jazz Age, and a strong economy

    But little did they know what is in store

    A stock market crash, and a second world war

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