Hip Hop History WWI

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    European imperialism

    Helped to glorify armed forces which is militarism

    The Central Powers and the Allies took aim

    But they were caught in a deadlock called a stalemate

    They dug out trenches and fought the war there

    This type of fighting’s called trench warfare

    For Britain, it was a lot to handle

    They tried to get American support with propaganda

    The Lusitania sunk by a German U-boat

    Combined with the ominous Zimmerman note

    U.S. involvement was on the rise

    They began to prepare, or mobilize

    To fight the U-boats they devised a ploy

    Merchant vessels sailed together in a convoy

    Russia pulled out of the opposition

    Moving to an ideology called communism

    Germany decided that the fighting shouldn’t persist

    They wanted a peace agreement called an armistice

    Woodrow Wilson only wanted peace

    “Justice to all peoples...whether...strong or weak”

    After tough negotiations, the Allies

    Came to a peace agreement with the Treaty of Versailles

    They came down hard on the German nation

    And forced them to pay huge reparations



    Ready the troops this is World War I

    Ready—ready the troops this is World War I

    The Central Powers vs. the Allies

    Why did it happen, can you figure out why?

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