Hip Hop History Imperialism

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    While Europeans chose an imperialistic approach

    Isolationism was the policy the U.S. chose

    Until the prospect of Pacific trade

    Brought Alaska and Hawaii up for debate

    With China in a bind, countries pursued it

    And split it into distinct spheres of influence

    America wanted free trade, not colonies

    This is called the Open Door Policy

    A revolt in Cuba brought problems for Spain and

    To suppress it they began reconcentration

    After the explosion of the battleship Maine

    The American press said Spain was to blame

    The war between the U.S. and Spain was on the way

    Took place in the Philippines, and put the U.S. on the world scene

    The Panama Canal was built on an isthmus

    Roosevelt said “speak softly and carry a big stick”



    Expansion overseas, new territories

    Alaska and Hawaii now on the scene

    A war with Spain, round one in the Philippines

    Expansion overseas, U.S. on the world scene

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