Hip Hop History The Great Depression

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    On October 29th, Black Tuesday it was called

    The stock market collapsed and went into free fall

    And overproduction of supplies at hand

    Made manufactured goods exceed the demand

    Bankruptcy came next

    Financial failure caused by a company’s inability to pay debts

    Banks collapsed and unemployment rose

    Countries had to default, or fail to repay loans

    Franklin D. Roosevelt was a voice of hope

    Through fireside chats on the radio

    He unveiled some “New Deal” reforms

    But needed the Supreme Court to give its support

    FDR’s wife, Eleanor would fight

    For civil rights, equal treatment of blacks and whites

    The Social Security Act

    Allowed for pensions to be funded with a payroll tax

    And that’s the...


    Depression, the Great Depression

    The Stock Market Crash of ’29 started then

    The new President, got his message across

    And they fought the Depression, hope we learned our lesson (from the...)

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