Depression and New Deal

  • As you finish each activity LEAVE THE WINDOWS OPEN.  I will be around to check your work. 

    Use your book to complete these two "Know It? Show It!" activities.  Remember that these are the EXACT questions that will be on your test TOMORROW, so study them.

    Know It? Show It! Section 1

    Know It? Show It! Section 2

    Know It? Show It! Section 3

    Know It? Show It! Section 4

    After that click HERE and take this practice quiz.  You can bet you will see the same questions tomorrow.

    Now, click HERE and play a board game on the details of Social Security.

    Click HERE to play hangman with ALL of the vocab from yesterday.

    Click HERE to play a matching game with yesterday's vocab.

    And finally, click HERE to play the ever-present 'Who Want's to be a Millionare?' game.