• This assignment is designed to prepare you for the speakers BAVPA will host for Tolerance Day. 


    Joe Diamond

    Joe diamond will be comming to BAVPA to speak about his experiences.  Mr. Diamond survived the Holocaust and is willling to tell us about what happened.  In the chapter on World War II, we learned that the Holocaust was the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s.  Mr. Diamond was about your age at the time of the Holocaust and is very old now.  You may be the last class to see a holocaust surviver, so you should come up with a good question to ask him.

    Holocaust survivors are often looking for answers about why it happened.  One famous Holocaust survivor is Elie Weisel.  Check out this video as Elie Weisel and Oprah visit the concentration camp where he was held during the war.


    Nadia Shahram

    Mrs. Shahram from the family justice and law center will be at BAVPA to lecture on Honor Killings.  An Honor killing is when a female member of a family does something the family feels is dishonorable.  The family feels it can restore its honor if they then kill the female member.  This video explain more. 


    Law Eh Soe

    Mr. Law Eh Soe is a photojournalist from Burma.  In the early 2000s the people of Burma began protesting against their government.  In 2008 the Government of Burma used extreme methods to end the protests including violence, intimidation and murder.  Mr. Law Eh Soe took pictures of the government's violence against its people and sent them to the internationsl press.  His pictures even made the cover of TIME magazine.  In response the government forces tried to arrest and probably kill him.  He fled to the United States and will be in BAVPA tomorrow for Tolerance Day.

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