Pro Democracy Collage

  • Pro Democracy Collage

    Your task is to gather pictures to produce a collage of images that reflect the struggle for Democracy around the world.  Many countries are struggling for Democracy (Russia, China, Nepal and many more).  Decide on one area as your focus.  You may use Burma (also called Myanmar) since we have been keeping up with the struggle there.

    Once you have an area, begin collecting images.  Start by making a folder on your h: drive.  Open my computer and double click on your h: drive.  Right click in empty space and select new and folder.  Label this folder: pictures.

    Now for the pictures!  A good idea is to go to google and select "images" at the top.  Then all of your searches will return images.  Once you see an image you like, click it.  Then right click the image and select; "save as".  Save it in your pictures folder.  Later we will cut up the pictures and create the collage using a website called Glogster, but today we just want the pics!

    Remember you don't have to use every picture, so more is better than less.  Fill your folder with resources!  If you have any questions, see me.