Glogster collage

  • Your Glog

    Go to: and click on Register in the upper right.  Where it asks for your nickname, enter the number that you enter for your username when you log onto the computer (that's your 900 number) and where it asks for your password, enter the password you use to log onto the computer.  You may use your real e-mail address or make one up.  Enter your first and last name, birthday, gender, country, etc.  Check: I agree to the terms of use and click: sign up.

    Good, now you're in!  Now click: Create new Glog in the center of the page.  Your new glog will open and we can get started.  Click on an image and select the trash can symbol to delete it.  Delete all three images so the field is clear.  Now click: image on the menu and select: upload.  Find the folder with all the pictures you saved on you h: drive and select all of the pictures there.  Now click: open and the pictures will upload to glogster.  Click on the picture and hit: use it.  Now move and resize the pictures as you like to create your collage.

    Remember to add text to your collage.  The text should title your work and be something like: The struggle for Democracy in China, or China fights for Democracy or something similar.  When you are done, click: save or publish and copy down the web address you are given.  Now your work is published!  Turn in the paper with your name and the address of your work for credit for the project.

    THIS is an example of a collage I did in about 10 mins.  I expect yours will be at least as good.