American Revolution Newspaper


    American Revolution Newspaper



    The American Revolution was a difficult time in American history.  Colonists fought against their own government to secure independence in order to create the United States of America.  Your task will be to design a newspaper and journal that highlights several important aspects of the American Revolution.  Your stories, articles and ads should be based on facts from researching this time period and be very creative!

    Process –Small Group – 2 to 3 Students

    Review the criteria for each section below and write a story for your newspaper article after researching the various topics.  Your stories will be entered into the newspaper template provided or Power Point.

    Revolutionary War Article

    Choose one of the major event of the Revolutionary War and write a newspaper article that includes:

    • Creatively include the 5 "W" questions (who, what, why, when, where) in the form of a newspaper article.
    • A description of the action and its results.
    • Point of views from all sides in your subject.
    • At least 5 significant developed  historical concepts

    Locate a photo and write a caption that will describe the battle.


    Suggested Topics: You may pick other topics but must get approval!

    Stamp Act


    Sons of Liberty 

    Bunker Hill

    French and Indian War

    Writ of Assistance

    Quartering Act

    Lexington & Concord                         

    Intolerable Acts

    2nd Continent Congress


    Albany Plan of Union

    Boston Massacre

    Committee of  


    Shot Heard Around the World

    Declaration of Independence

    Revolutionary Editorial or Journal 

    Choose one point of view of a person from the Revolutionary War and write an editorial or journal entry that includes:

    - Point of view, background

    - Include significant description of your subject and how the Revolution affected their lives.

    - A description a conflict they are dealing with and how they overcame it.

    - Be very creative.

    Locate a photo and write a caption that will describe your subject.

    Suggested Leaders:

    George Washington

    King George III

    Native American

    SCC Congressman

    Benedict Arnold


    Colonial Women 

    Any one approved by me.

    A Patriot


    Thomas Jefferson

    Unsung Hero Story

    Choose a group or an individual that played a key role during the American Revolution that may not have received the attention they deserved. Describe the key people that were involved and any accomplishments they are remembered for.

    Suggested topics:


    Native Americans

    African Americans

    Revolutionary War Facts

    Based on your research, choose ten facts about the war that you think others may learn from and find very interesting. Your facts should be written in complete sentences and provide specific details that carefully describe your selection.

    Revolutionary War Quotations

    Choose two quotations and their authors that will be remembered during the American Revolution. Please make them epic!



    Choose one subject that might appear in a Revolutionary War newspaper as an advertisement, research your choice and create advertisement. You may choose to write a summary of your topic or include a photo with a caption to describe your topic.


    Suggested topics:

    Create a newspaper advertisement for something from the Revoltionary era.

    Music, farm equipment,           livestock, Art, clothes

    Fashions, sports, guns, uniforms

    Foods, flags,

     real estate,

    weapons, entertainment transportation


    The following links are only suggested as a starting point for your research.  You are not required to select your information from one of the links below.  You are welcome to do an Internet search for your topic, consult the resources in our library, and/or utilize your social studies textbook.




    American Revolution Newspaper Evaluation

    Revolutionary War Article

    /30 points

    • answers the 5 "W" questions
      (who, what, why, when, where)
    • includes a description of the action
    • includes key participants and facts
    • includes date and specific location of the subject
    • Includes the outcome of your topic.
    • uses correct grammar and spelling


    Revolutionary Journal Story

    /30 points

    -   includes which side the leader supported

    -   includes a summary of their major accomplishments

    -   describes how their life ended

    -   uses correct grammar and spelling


    Revolutionary War Unsung Hero Story

    /20 points

    • includes a description of the accomplishments of an individual or a group that did not have a major role during the war
    • uses correct grammar and spelling


    Revolutionary War Facts

    /20 points

    • includes ten complete sentences that provide specific details about events that happened during this time period
    • uses correct grammar and spelling


    Revolutionary War Quotations

    /5 points

    • includes two appropriate quotations and their authors
    • uses correct grammar and spelling


    Photos and Captions

    /5 points

    • photos and captions enhance the news story
    • uses correct grammar and spelling



    /20 points

    • includes a summary of a topic or a photo with a caption describing the topic
    • uses correct grammar and spelling


    Total Score

    /130 points

    MS Word A

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