The Elder Interview Project

  • The Elder Interview


    Due on _______________________


     One of the most important assets to a family is the elder. An elder is person valued for his wisdom who accordingly holds a particular position of responsibility within a family or society. Please find an elder within your family or community and conduct an interview with them.


    Power Point or Microsoft Word


    The interview should include:


    1.  Their story: a brief history or background of your elder.

    2.  Family: what is your elders view on the role and importance of family?

    3.  Freedom: is freedom important in today’s society. Does your elder feel that they are free or not and if so, why?

    4.  Individual person: can the achievements of an individual person make a real difference in society? What is the value of the individual?

    5.  Government: what is the role of government in society? This can include social services, police, military, education, and taxation.

    6.  What advice does your elder have for you and your future?

    7.   Your questions: please ask your elder any question that you feel would enrich this interview.

    8.   Please include a picture!



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