Sophomore Class

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    Sophomore Class

    Written Assignments in Black / Production Assignments in Green________

    Marking Period 1 ________________________________2016-2017

    Production Grades are based on 
    1. Effort
    2. Concept
    3. Production Value
    4. Class Work/Studio Time

    1. Video Exercise 1: In-Camera Edit
    90-120 sec video
    Minimum of 15 shots
    One theme/subject
    Include FS, MS, CU, XCU
    Must be planned out prior to shooting.
    Due 9/14

    2. Pre-Production for Independent Project: Formal Proposal 
    Identify Genre, content, format, information, and production schedule
    Present to teacher. 
    Production Folder is recommended.
    Due 9/16

    3. Pre-Production for NARRATIVE: Story & Plot Summary,Setting descriptions, script 
    Production Folder is recommended.
    Due 9/16

    4. Film Review 1 : Room 8, The Mrs., Water Song

    5. Vocabulary 1: White Balance, Depth of Field, etc...

    6. Narrative Film Pre-production folders: 
    -Character Descriptions
    These are detailed and full descriptions. 
    Due 9/26

    7. Video Exercise 2: Continuity
    Produce a seamless 45 second action sequence using 4 different camera angles.
    1. choreograph and block actor/s movement in a scene
    2. repeat the action exactly the same way and film from 4 different camera angles.
    3. edit the sequence using segments from all 4 camera angles to create a seamless seq.
    Due 10/7

    8. Pre-Production Review for Independent & Narrative Videos
    Narrative Film: 
    Due 10/5

    9. VOCABULARY 2: Aperture, F-Stop, B-Roll, CCD, Color Correction, Contrast, Dissolve, ENG, Jump-Cut, Compression. 

    define in your own words. 

    No Textbook definitions due Tuesday 10/12

    10. Narrative film review and presentation:
    a. Choose a live-action narrative film from the
    Academy Award Nominated short film category.
    b. Watch the film 
    c. Answer questions
    d. Present the film to the class
    1. List and describe the key characters and their relation to each other.
    2. Describe the production design -settings, costumes, etc. of the film
    3. What is the story line.
    4. What is the theme or message of the film
    5. Describe the structure of the film. Sequences, beginning-middle-end, time
    6. Describe 3 key production techniques/elements of the film
    7. What is your opinion?

    Your response must be a total of 500 words or more.
    due Thursday 10/27

    11. Production Overview Essay
    Write a 300 word essay providing an overview of all aspects of your prodcution work so far this marking period. This includes 2 exercises, Narrative film, Independent video.
    due Thursday 11/3

    Marking Period 2 ________________________________2016-2017

    Vocabulary review in prep for Mid-Term Exam.
    Re-define and hand in for the following terms and concepts.

    Aperture, F-Stop, B-Roll, CCD, Color Correction, Contrast, Dissolve, ENG, Jump-Cut, Compression. White Balance, Depth of Field, Cut away, POV, Color Temperature, Establishing shot, Montage, Rule of thirds, Aspect Ratio, Ad-Libbing, Adapters, Audio Mixer, Auto-Focus, Gain, 3 point lighting, Barn doors, Reflectors, Boom, Bounce light, Character Generator, Chromakey, closed circuit Television.
    Due Wed Nov. 30

    Video Exercises
    You can choose any 3 from the following list.

    -Chroma Key Video/ Experimental Film/ Still Life study/ Architecture Study/ portrait sequence/ Stop Motion/ Time-Lapse/ Multiple Screen Film / Metric Editing/ Self-Portrait/ Focusing Exercise/ Lighting Exercise/ How To Video/ Long Shot/ Audio Mix.
    due: Jan 10
    Please check with your teacher as to specific requirements for each exercise.

    2. Production: Unyts PSA or other related project.
    pre-production proposal/production design/storyboard/script
    due: December 7

    3. PSA's Due 12/22

    - Play Sleeping Beauty movie (part 1)

    - Homework readings: 

    Questions on Disney Unit

    mid-Term Exam on Monday Jan 23. Vocabulary

    Marking Period 3 ____________________________2016-2017

    Written Assignments: 
    1. Written Proposal for Gender/Media Project
    Describe in full detail your proposed project related to Gender and Media
    based on class discussions.
    Project proposal must be 300 words total & must include:
    1. Written Narrative/description
    2. Genre/Format
    3. Design Concept
    4. Theme Focus
    Due Friday 2/3

    2. Write a 2 minute Dinner Conversation Scene. Two characters at a table. Create the characters, relationship, plot, twist, etc...
    due 2/17

    Production 1
    Complete PSA Project from last Marking period, Mr. Vafai's Recommendation. Students who have successfully met the requirements of this project must produce an independent video instead.

    Production 2
    Gender project based on proposal.
    Pre-production due Friday 3/10
    Final project due 3/21

    2. Exercise 1:  Metric Editing sequence: Experimental Film
    Produce a 60 second video based on the concept of Metric Editing (Editing decisions, shot duration, time-line are All BASED ON A MATHEMATICAL FORMULA/RHYTHM
     Establish a rhythm for shot duration, overall  film &  creative time/metric concept
    Must be original footage or photography
    Must include a sound track.
    Video Due Feb. 28 
    Grades based on Creativity, successfully meeting project requirements, Production value, effort

    3. Production essay: write a 300 word essay that describes, in your own words what happens during the production process. Include all aspects of Pre-production, production, and post-production. Use your own experiences as well as research materials to compile your essay. 
    due March 13

    5. Media Presentation 1: choose any form or example of Media such as: videos, movies, short films, documentaries, photography, ads, news, cable/TV show, music, web-site, magazine article and other print media, apps, social media, etc.... Provide a written analysis and present to the class. 

    Prepare a formal presentation to explain, analyze, and interpret all aspects of the example. This must include: Write the presentation and hand-in. Grades for content and presentation. Hand-in Written review (minimum 300 words) & Present to class. Your project MUST answer the following questions?

    1 - What is the purpose of this Media? (such as information, entertainment, networking, advertisement, propoganda, etc...)

    2 - Who produces it, who consumes it, how is it produced, how is it distributed, what is the Target audience or market, etc.

    3 - Format and unique features, technical aspects, production.

    4 - Social, economic, environmental, and cultural impact.

    Due 3/24

    6. Vocabulary: Define these Video production terms:

    Blocking, Boom, Barn doors, tilt, pan, dolly, Cross-cutting, cookie, cut-away, Codec, Cover, Day for Night, Diffusion, Digitize, Dramatic Structure, Dropped Frames, Dutch, Equalization, Flag, Focal Length, Frame rate, Foley studio.


    Marking Period 4 _____________________

    1. Film Review: Write a formal film review of Chris Gordon's "Gay Prejudice" 
    - 300 words minimum
    - Use class discussion and forms that we covered
    - must include references to Theme, topic, sub-topics, production elements, shots, sequences. Must include your opinions
    Due Friday 4/28

    PRODUCTION A: Exercises - you must produce 2

    Choose from the following menu:

    -Chroma Key Video/ Experimental Film/ Still Life study/ Architecture Study/ portrait sequence/ Stop Motion/ Time-Lapse/ Multiple Screen Film / Metric Editing/ Self-Portrait/ Focusing Exercise/ Lighting Exercise/ How To Video/ Long Shot/ Audio Mix collage / slow motion study/ Department montage / TV studio recording of a group/ photography study / Animation / OR A PROJECT THAT YOU WISH TO DO, must be cleared with Mr. Vafai

    Due May 12
    Due June 2

    PRODUCTION B: Portrait study
    you will produce a 90 sec. video profile of another student in the school
    The video must have 
    -one formal interview
    -3 different shooting locations
    -B-roll footage
    -shots must include FS, MS, CU, PAN, TILT, ZOOM, TRACKING SHOTS.
    -Music soundtrack
    -Voice over Narration
    1. Create a three column pre-production story board which outlines the entire production.
    2. Shooting of video MUST match pre-production story board.
    3. Editing MUST match pre-production story board
    4. All video elements must match theme
    pre-production due May 5
    Due: May25

    PRODUCTION C: Independent Project

    Due June: 6

    A. Writing assignment: 300 word treatment for a 5 minute short film.
    The treatment must include:
    -Full plot-summary
    -list of characters, their description, relationship, and connection to plot
    -Settings & locations
    -Production Design (look and style of your film)
    -List of major scenes
    -Outline and time-line of scenes
    (you are not required to produce this film)
    B. Write a comprehensive screenplay for the film. Must be formatted to match standard film screenplay style. 
    -Must reflect and show that it's at least a 5 minute film
    -Must include camera direction, blocking of action, screen directions
    Part A. Due May 20
    Part B. Due May 30

    3. Open Book/Take-Home Final Exam
    Look up the answers to these questions.
    You must answer 25 questions per week and hand in for a grade.


    Video Proposal 1 : Write a formal proposal for your independent video project - use proposal format Due 9/11/. Be prepared to verbally pitch your project on 
    assign date 9/8
    due date 9/11/

    Vocabulary 1: Luminance, White Balance, RGB, Color Temperature, Color Correction
    Write the definition in technical terms as well as in your own words.
    assign date 9/8
    due date 9/11

    Research Assignment: Find 15 facts on the topic of Organ and Tissue Transplant/Unyts/
    assign date 9/8
    due date 9/11

    Video Exercise: Story Board for Video Exercise 1 - One Minute Narrative Scene
    assign date 9/8
    due/date 9/14

    Narrative Film Example 1: choose a short, live-action narrative film and present it to class.include in your presentation: 
    Plot summary, characters, setting, time, theme, topic, sub-topic (what is this film about?)  
    film making techniques: photography, editing, lighting, sound, script, structure
    due: week of 9/14

    Film Review 1: Nazi Boots
    Write a 300 word film review based on the "Review Format" given in class
    Content, theme, plot, characters, setting, time, pacing, structure, production, design, photography, sound, editing, effects, lighting, etc...
    due 9/25

    Vocabulary 2:  Narrative Film Terms: Continuity, Establishing Shot, Jump Cut, Montage, Point-Of-View (POV) shot, Voice Over, Parallel Action, Off Camera, Racking Focus, Framing.
    due 10/8

    PSA Example: Find a PSA on any topic that exhibits high production value and effectiveness.
    a) Create a timeline of the video showing the following: Time in seconds, Video images, sound, graphics, and special effects. 
    b) Write a 300 word review of the PSA. Include both concept and technique.
    Due 10/9

    Chapter 1 Questions
    due 10/19

    Chapter 17: Read and take detailed notes
    Due 10/28

    Presentation: show your PSA example from the above assignment. Present your review with the class.

    Reading & Writing Initiative:
    Read the Article on PSA's and write the review based on teacher questions in hand-out
    Due 10/29


    1. VIDEO EXERCISE 1: Narrative Scene - Shoot and edit a 1 min. narrative scene using the following criteria: - choreograph a action involving one actor
    - Film the action from 3 different camera angles and treatment
    - Combine the 3 views in editing to achieve a seamless action
    assign: 9/8
    due date 9/18

    2. Unyts PSA
    Pre-Production due 9/14
    Production due 9/30
    Post-Production due date 10/23

    3. Independent Production
    due 11/5

    4. Unyts Poster: Create in photoshop: dimensions 11X17, 300 dpi,
    Must contain Unyts logo, contact information
    Creativity, content, production, originality
    Due 10/7

    5. Video Exercise 2: In-Camera Edit
    A-choose one subject category such as nature, architecture, store-fronts, neighborhood, playground, cemetery, etc...The subject does not matter as long as you remain within that theme. 
    B- Shoot a 90 second video using the following criteria:
    - A minimum of 10 shots
    - Must include at least 1 full, medium, close-up, and extreme close-up shot.
    - Your video must be edited IN-CAMERA - this means the shots must be filmed in the order,
      length, composition, and style of your final product. There is no post-production editing. You   must therefore plan accordingly.
    due 10/30

    ______________2015-2016 1st Marking Period ASSIGNMENT CUT- OFF POINT______________

    Marking Period 2 ___________________________________________

    1. Chapter 1, 6, 17 - open notebook test. After- Thanksgiving break. Create a cheat sheet of terms, vocabulary, concepts. Open Notebook Chapter test Friday Dec. 4

    2. Film Festival Review: Write a 500 word review of the film festival. Include the following:
    a) An overview of the films, topics, styles, and genres of the films.
    b) The overall experience
    c) choose 3 films and write a review of each including Content/theme & Production.
    d) Your opinion and recommendations for future film festivals.
    due 12/4

    3. Production Proposal for Documentary short:
    a) Identify your topic
    b) Write a formal production proposal for the film. Use the department template. Must be two pages in length.
    due 12/4

    4. Show and tell: Find an example of creative chroma key video. Share with class. Short write-up/review. 200 words

    5. Documentary: Research/Information/Data/Narration/Script/ 
    What do you know about your topic? What information is going to be included? What are the facts?
    Write a minimum of 500 original words about your topic. Part or all of this writing assignment will be used in your documentary as a script narration or voice-over.
    due 12/10

    Chapter Test Monday 12/7 (chapters 1, 6, 17)

    6. Chapter 7 outline: Write down key concepts, themes, vocabulary, terms, etc...
    due 12/18

    7. Proposal for Major Independent Video
    due 12/20

    8. Bowling For Columbine: Response / Review / Questions
    a) Write a well structured essay answering the following questions. Include an overview of the film and your personal response.
    How did the filmmaker present these themes? What production elements were used? How was the information, opinions, and points of view depicted? 500 words minimum.
    Due 12/8
    -Gun Control, 
    -How the news and entertainment Media treats violence, fear, African Americans
    -Homicides in the U.S. as compared to other nations,
    -All the possible causes for Columbine including Marylin Manson, 
    -Government perpetrated Violence
    -History of America and its obsession with guns
    -Incident at the school

    9. Chapter 8: 
      - Notes, definitions, themes, vocabulary, etc...
      - Section Presentation
    Due 1/19

    1. Major Production 1: Documentary Short: This video can be any topic you choose as long as it's a DOCUMENTARY. It must also fulfill the following requirements.
    - Some portion of the video must contain a scripted narrative: ie: Voice Over, narrations, text, graphics, etc...
    -Must be a minimum of 3 min. in length
    -You must show pre-production and planning.
    Due Jan 5

    2. Exercise 1: 60 sec. Chroma Key video. Creative/Experimental only. No Subject standing in front of background. Think outside the box.
    Due Dec. 22

    3. Independent Project: This can be any genre, style, content.
    Due Jan 10:
    Pre-production due 12/20

    ______________2015-2016 2nd Marking Period ASSIGNMENT CUT- OFF POINT______________

    Marking Period 3_____________________

    1. Mandatory Production 1: Environmental Video/Project
    Please submit your ideas for a creative project that deals with the issue of Environment, Conservation, 
     HHere is a list of the top environmental issues from my point of view. As you know, it is incredibly hard to narrow down the issues, as they are very broad. Any of these issues can be focused more by individual issues. If that makes sense!
    In no order:
    1.      Habitat loss
    2.      Pollution
    3.      Unethical/ignorant consumerism
    4.      Lack of education/apathy about such issues
    5.      Over exploitation
    And all of these, unfortunately contribute to loss of biodiversity and climate change.
    2. Proposal for Environmental video
    due 2/25

    3. Video review and Presentation: Experimental Film
    a) Define what is an experimental film: using on-line research, find several definitions of this genre of filmmaking. Compose your own definition based on your research. Put into a Paragraph (150 words) and hand-in. due 2/26
    b) Find an example of an experimental film on Youtube 
    c) Write a review of the film (250 words) due 2/26
    d) and present to class due 3/3

    3rd marking period production
    1. Video Exercise 1: Audio Mix/Track
    1. Create a folder of 10 different audio samples. These must include the following: 
    a) 5 original sound recordings 
    b) 3 downloaded instrumental music tracks
    c) 1 voice recording
    d) 1 downloaded sound effect
    2. Create a 1 min. multi-track audio mix using all your source materials.
    Audio mix must include a minimum of 4 individual tracks. 
    Audio mix can be done in Garage Band or Final Cut Pro.
    due 3/4

    2. Video Exercise 2: Experimental video
    Produce a 1 min. experimental video based on the following criteria
    a) No narrative or story elements 
    b) Images are abstract and mostly un-representational or un-recognizable
    c) use of camera and post production effects to manipulate the image
    d) structure the film based on elements such as color, tone, rhythm, mood, etc.
    e) creative manipulation of sound track such as loops, reverse, multiple track overlays.
    due 3/18

    3. Environmental Video: Major project
    due 4/1

    4. Independent video: Due 4/1

    5. Research Project: 
    1. Choose a topic for your media research from the following site:
    2. Write a 500 word research essay on the subject. (ORIGINAL WRITING)
    3. Create a Power-point using a minimum of 15 slides
    4. Prepare a presentation for the class
    due 3/14
    6. Proposal for Independent Video

    7. Chapter 13 outline

    8. Production Reflection: Write a 300 word essay outlying all the details, experiences, successes, and difficulties of your three major productions in this marking period. This is a reflection essay which can include a self assessment of the final projects.
    due 4/18

    Vocabulary 2:  Narrative Film Terms: Continuity, Establishing Shot, Jump Cut, Montage, Point-Of-View (POV) shot, Voice Over, Parallel Action, Off Camera, Racking Focus, Framing.
    due 9/23

    Assignment 1: Read chapter 6 in Video Basics 4
    Take notes on major concepts, terms, vocabulary Must be complete - Hand-in notes of major concepts, terms, and ideas.
    Due Friday Oct .3

    Assignment 2: Presentation of video exercise 
    Week of 10/5

    Narrative Film Example 2: Present an example of a short Narrative film. Choose an award winning professional work rather then a student film. Write a review of the film including each of the following criteria: 
    Characters and their relationship to one another, Settings, Plot summary, structure, cinematography, editing, acting, lighting, sound, effec