U.S. History Curriculum

  • United States History and Government

    Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts

    ***This course and exam is REQUIRED for graduation***



    Teacher: Mrs. Swiech                                                              Room 256

    Email: jswiech@buffaloschools.org

    Website: https://www.buffaloschools.org/Page/65359

    Phone Number: (716) 816-4220 (best way to contact me is through email!!!)


    • 1- 1 inch binder any color or design (you may need two binders throughout the year)

    • 4 packages of paper

    • Highlighters

    • Blue or Black ink pens

    • You will need to purchase a review book.  The price will be between $10-$15.  This will be collected when the 2018-2019 Review books are released.


    • 90% Tests, Essays, Projects, Quizzes, and misc.

    • 10% Homework and Classwork

     Class Policies

    • Students must be on time for class (in your seat, with all of your supplies) when the bell rings.

    • Please use the bathroom between classes (or quietly sign out and use appropriately)

    • Homework and class assignments will be posted on Google Classroom by Sunday night.  If you are absent for any reason, please check the website and email me with any questions.  Career and college ready means taking responsibility for your work.  This includes absences for performances, field trips, and any other reason.

    • Late homework will be accepted for 50% of total value.  Once I hand back homework, it will be accepted for 10% of the value.  This includes essays and projects.

    • If you are absent for a test or quiz you must arrange a time to make up this test.

    • If you are experiencing any difficulties with my class, please come and speak with me directly.  Do not wait for a problem to grow. 

    • I reserve the right to adjust any policies or procedures as the situation warrants.


    -          11th grade U.S. History is a chronological survey of American history. 

    -          Topics will be covered in units with a larger test given at the conclusion of each unit.  The units are:

    Unit 1: Colonial America

    Unit 2: American Revolution

    Unit 3a: Building a Nation

    Unit 3b: Sectionalism and the Civil War


    Unit 4: Reconstruction

    Unit 5: Gilded Age and Progressive Era

    Unit 6: Rise of American Power

    Unit 7: Prosperity and Depression

    Unit 8: World War II

    Unit 9: Cold War

    Unit 10: Domestic Change



    -          A Pre-test will be given within the first weeks of school. This will provide a baseline for the United States Regents exam administered in June.

    -          A mini-regents exam will be given on each unit.  This will include multiple choice questions, constructed response questions, a thematic essay or a document based question essay. 

    -       ****You are responsible to check Infinite Campus and bring any issues to my attention****