Drawing and Painting

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    Drawing and Painting

    Class Syllabus

    Mr. Witucki




    Course Description:

    This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop two-dimensional artistic skills in the media of charcoal, graphite and upon attaining the necessary skills, oil paint. The curriculum draws from the history of art and more importantly technical skills in order to give you a historical as well as an aesthetic base upon which to build your own visual language. The class will occasionally view slides of art, watch videos on art/artists, or visit museums to increase your exposure to works of art from a variety of artists. You will begin to explore various projects intended to enhance your visual skills and drawing abilities, such as gesture and contour drawings, negative space, perspective landscape and figure drawings. You will finish by studying the techniques of oil painting with the subjects of still life and landscape.  This combination of hands-on and critical/theoretical approaches facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of the world of art.


    Class/Homework Assignments:

    All assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on time.  Any assignment that is not turned in on time will automatically receive an extra 10% decrease in score for each day it is late.


    Each week you will be given a drawing assignment to complete for homework.  These drawings will be due each Friday.


    Class Grading Policy:

    Your grade for the class will be based upon all of the following factors:

                    A.  Class/Homework assignments

                    B.  Level of effort

                    C.  Level of improvement

                    D.  Participation in class critiques

                    E.  Written homework assignments

                    F.  Participation in cleanup at the conclusion of each class

                    G. Group Show

                    H. Overall quality of work



    Final Evaluation:

    Your final evaluation for the class will be based on 2 factors:


    25%        Mandatory attendance at the Senior Fine Arts Exhibition at the end of the year

    75%        Senior portfolio review.  Each student must present a minimum of 2 works from     each arts class      they have taken at the school.





    18”/24” (minimum)  Portfolio case.  (can be paper, leather, plastic etc…)


    All other supplies will be provided by the school for the class.    Bring all supplies with you to class.  You will not be allowed to return to your locker to retrieve any forgotten materials.


    If you are found misusing any of the class materials, you will be responsible to pay for them.



    Extra Credit:

    There will be an opportunity for you to earn extra credit.  The only way that you are eligible to earn this credit is if you have turned in all assignments on time. 




    Class Expectations:

    ?         Complete all class and homework assignments on time.

    ?         Prepare for discussions before coming to class.

    ?         Bring all class materials with you.

    ?         Come to class on time.

    ?         Make good use of class time by being engaged in what's going on.

    ?         Ask questions about anything you do not understand. Get involved in your learning.

    ?         Participate in class discussions, contribute your thinking to the shared effort of

          developing understanding.

    ?         Do not hold side conversations that distract your fellow students learning.

    ?         Respect all students, adults and yourself in the classroom.








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