2014-2015 Course Description

  • Spanish

    Sharon Roberts

     Course Descriptions for Level II, Level III, and Level IV

     School Year 2016-2017


                                                    Course Descriptions

     High School Level II

                 Level II Spanish is offered to students who have successfully completed the requirements for Level I credit.  Level II reviews the concepts from Level I during the first quarter, incorporating vocabulary, grammar, and culture per Checkpoint A and the New York State standards for languages other than English.  Classes meet five times per week and continue developing all four language skills with a greater understanding of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Classes are conducted primarily in Spanish.  After reviewing the basic vocabulary and grammar of Level I,   Level II students are introduced to the progressive and past tenses (preterite and imperfect), affirmative and negative “tú” commands, irregular and reflexive verbs.  Direct-object and prepositional pronouns are studied. Students expand their ability to initiate and sustain conversations and to provide and obtain information, both orally and written.  Homework is given on a regular basis and students are encouraged to speak Spanish outside of the classroom.  Quarterly assessments are given to all Level II students, including a final exam. The quarterly exams and final exam account for 20% of the grade for that given marking period.  Homework and class work counts towards 20% of the grade for the each marking period.  Tests, quizzes and projects make up the remaining 60%.  Students must pass on the average of their four marking period grades to receive credit for the course.

     High School Level III

                 Students who have earned credit for Level II are encouraged to continue their study of Spanish with Level III.  The classes are conducted almost entirely in Spanish.  Through the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, students will enhance their knowledge of culture and customs.  An overall review of the basic concepts taught in Level I and Level II is followed by vocabulary and grammar concepts and structures per Checkpoint B and the New York State standards for languages other than English.  Grammatical components include comparisons, future, conditional, and perfect tenses, as well as the present subjunctive verb forms.  Indirect and direct-object pronouns are compared.  Students will be able to write notes, personal and business letters, journals, and short reports.  Students will be able to read and comprehend materials written for native speakers and initiate and sustain conversations with other students, adults, and native speakers.  Homework, review and practice are essential elements for success in this course.  Quarterly assessments are given for the first three marking periods and are worth 20% of the total grade. Homework and class work counts towards 20% of the grade for the each marking period.  Tests, quizzes and projects make up the remaining 60%. The course culminates with the New York State Comprehensive exam for Spanish in June.  Students must have a passing average for all four quarters and pass the final exam with a 65% or higher to receive credit for the course.

     High School Level IV

                 The Level IV course is offered to those students who have successfully completed the requirements for Level III.  It consists of a variety of activities that incorporate the New York State standards for languages other than English and enhance listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  The course is composed of units that include creative writing, literature, oral presentations, auditory comprehension, government, science, math, technology, and the arts.  Students will be able to understand and converse with a native speaker.  More complex and authentic vocabulary will be introduced along with the development of complex grammatical structures including past subjunctive and conditional “if” clauses, enabling students to express ideas sequentially and sufficiently on everyday topics while speaking or writing.  Students will be able to analyze written materials in Spanish.  Students need to speak Spanish as often as possible in and out of the classroom.  Students will be given projects that they will work on the entire year that incorporate writing and speaking integrated with other subject areas. 

     Grading Policy

                 Students’ grades for all levels  will be based on tests, quizzes, projects, class work, homework, and informal and formal speaking assessments given each quarter throughout the year.  The Spanish department has developed quarterly assessments that will be given to all students in eighth grade, Level I, II and III.  These assessments will count as 20% of the quarterly grade. The Level IV students will assessed quarterly with sections from previous AP exams.  Teacher-generated tests and projects will count as 60% of the quarterly grade, and homework and class work account for the other 20%.  Homework is given Monday through Thursday.  Daily questions and listening comprehension questions from old exams are given at the start of each class period.  Students are encouraged to do corrections on any test or assignment to bring up their grades.  Attendance and completion of class work and homework is essential in all levels to do well. 

     Rules and Expectations

                 Students are expected to be in class and seated on time with appropriate materials for each class.  There is to be a mutual understanding of respect in the classroom.  Earphones, cell phones, and other electronic devices are not permitted in class. Appropriate dress is required per the student handbook. Students need to raise their hands before responding or asking a question and wait to be called on.  Disruptive behavior shows disrespect to fellow students, teachers, and the student him/herself.  Assignments need to be handed in on time unless the student is absent, in which case, work needs to be handed in within two days of returning to receive full credit.  Any work that receives less than a perfect score can be redone with corrections to receive credit back.  Mistakes need to be written out in complete sentences, English and Spanish, three times each to receive the credit.


                The district has purchased the REALIDADES textbook series for the entire foreign language department.  All students will have a textbook issued to them. Students should also come prepared with pens, pencils, notebooks, and paper each class.  For special projects additional material may be required.  Students in the high-school levels should have a paperback Spanish/English dictionary.  Internet translating programs are discouraged. 

    To Be signed and returned to the teacher:

     It is essential that teachers are able to communicate with parents regarding their child’s performance, progress, and behavior in class.  Please fill out the information below and have your child bring it back to class as soon as possible.  If there are any changes during the school year regarding addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses, please contact me so I can update the information.  The school phone number is 816-4220 and my e-mail address is sroberts@buffaloschools.org.   Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any concerns that you may have at anytime during the school 

    Parent/Student Information

    Class Room Rules and Expectations:

    • Be on time to class.  If you are late to class, you will need to have a written pass. Detentions will be given to any student who arrives late without a pass.
    • Be prepared for class.  Have writing utensils, paper, notebook, text, or any other material required for class.
    • Be in your seat and ready to begin class when the bell rings.
    • Do not bring cell phones or other electronic devices, including blue tooth devices or earbuds to class.  These will be confiscated and turned into the office.
    • Do not bring food or drinks to class.  
    • Dress appropriately for school.  Do not enter the room with attire that does not follow the BAVPA dress code.
    • Be respectful of each other and me.  Raise your hand if you have a question, a comment, or are answering a question.  Do not talk out of turn.  Always be polite and courteous and use appropriate voice levels in class.  
    Class Work, Homework, and Tests:
    • Class work and homework assignments are posted in the classroom on the bulletin board and on my website, which can be found on the BAVPA web page.  
    • Corrections can be completed on any assignment or test (except midterms final or district assessments).  Corrections are 3X Spanish and 3X English or each error. Corrections will not be accepted more than a week after the test or assignment is returned.
    • You can e-mail me at sroberts@buffaloschools.org.
    Contact information:  It is very important that contact information is up to date.  Please provide the following information:
    • Student Name:______________________________________________
    • Student e-mail __________________________________________________
    • Parents names - Mother _______________________  Father_________________________
    • Parents phone numbers - Mother ___________________________  Father ____________________________
    • E-mail - Mother ____________________________________________
    • E-mail - Father ____________________________________________
    • E-mail - Guardian (if applicable) _________________________________
    • Any other contact information ___________________________________________
    • Guardian if applicable- Name ____________________, Phone#__________________
    Parent/Guardian signature: ___________________________________________________________