Requirements for Technical Theatre


    Technical Theatre & Maintenance ( I.E.P. Students only)
    a. Students must write an essay, in advance, answering the questions below. The essay will be 
     submitted at the audition/interview. It is preferable that the essay is typed, although it is not 
     required. Be prepared to discuss your essay at the interview. 
    Technical Theatre & Maintenance Essay 
    - Name: 
    - Age: 
    - Current Grade 
    1. Give the title of a play, a movie, or a live stage production that you have seen 
     that stands out in your mind. 
    2. Describe in detail some of the scenery, props, or special effects that were used to 
     make the performance realistic or memorable. 
    3. Discuss any personal hobbies or activities that you enjoy. 
    4. Write a description of something you have constructed or built. 
     Include photographs if you have them. 



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