Requirements for Visual Arts

  • Visual Arts 

     a. The student must bring a portfolio with a minimum of 10 works of art to the audition. 

     Subjects such as cartoon characters, superheroes, and athletes should not be included. 

     Works that are traced or copied from another picture will also not be accepted. 

     Suggestions for Portfolio Items:

    • Object Drawings: Simple, descriptive works picturing household objects – a cluttered 

    table at the end of a meal, a floral arrangement, a lamp, etc. 

    • Portraits: A work in any medium (crayons, paint, pen, pencil, etc.) showing yourself, 

    a friend, a pet, members of your family, or even a group of people. 

    • Imaginative Works: Any fantasy or dreamlike world in any medium. The idea should 

    be original and not borrowed from anyone or anything. 

    • Abstract or Non-Objective Works: A work in any medium which is about art elements

    only, such as an exploration of lines and shapes, or colors and textures. 

    • Drawing from Life: A favorite spot at home, a view from the window (such as across 

    the street), a backyard, rooftops, etc. 

    • 3 – Dimensional Media: Weavings, ceramics (no molds), stitching, sculpture, and 

    collage are highly encouraged. 

     b. The student should be prepared to draw a still-life during the audition. 

     Please bring a pencil. 


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