Today's Lesson


    You are going to create a PowerPoint project that tells me a little about yourself! In this assignment, you must show me that you have mastered the skills we have learned in PowerPoint -- how to change the font size/style/color, add pictures/clip art, and how to change the background of slides. This assignment will show me what is important for us to focus on later in the quarter when using PowerPoint for our CFM portfolio assignments.

    Download my example PowerPoint below to see what I expect your PowerPoint to look like. Each slide is worth 5 points!

    Below is a list of criteria that you should use when creating your PowerPoint:
    • 8 or more slides -- one for each of the "chunks" listed below
    • Each slide must have at least two pictures/clip art
    • BE CREATIVE!  

    SLIDE 1 -- TITLE SLIDE -- Include a Title for your project, Your Name, Your Grade, and a picture/clip art

    SLIDE 2 – WHO? – Who are you? Include 5 interesting facts about yourself.

    SLIDE 3 – WHAT? – What are you? Include information about your family or your interests. Examples might include “I’m an older brother. I’m a football player. I’m an only child. I’m the baby of the family. I’m a dancer. I’m a student.” 

    SLIDE 4 – WHERE? – Where are you from (city, grammar school, previous high school, etc.)? Where have you traveled (in state, out of state, coolest place you've been)? Where would you like to go? Where are you planning on going to college or working when you graduate? 

    SLIDE 5 – WHEN? –  When you graduate from high school, what will you be doing 5 years from now? What will you be doing 10 years from now?

    SLIDE 6 – WHY? – Why do you think taking business classes in high school is important? Why will they help you later in life?

    SLIDE 7 – 2015-2016What would you like to learn in this course this year? List at least three things. 

    SLIDE 8 – SCHOOL SPIRIT – What is your favorite thing about this high school (besides your friends)?

    When finished, submit your assignment in Schoology. The assignment and rubric can be found in the "Classwork Assignments" folder on our course page under "Materials".

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