• 09/08/2015

    Poster Project

    Using the art supplies located in the front cabinet, create a poster all about you that uses POSITIVE adjectives and nouns. Use the criteria below to create your poster:

    • Your first name should be the biggest thing written on your poster -- it should stand out
    • Use 5 positive adjectives (descriptive) to describe yourself 
    • Use 5 positive nouns to describe yourself
    • Draw at least 3 designs/images
    • Include a positive quote about life, success, strength, education, etc. - not yucky love stuff
    • BE CREATIVE! Your poster should represent who YOU are!
    • ***All adjectives/nouns/designs/images MUST be school appropriate -- if you're questioning whether or not it is appropriate, DON'T use it or we can let Mr. Mogavero decide