Transitioning ENL

  • This Class:

    This class is a chance for you to work on listening, reading, speaking, and writing every day.


    We will learn new skills to improve your English and help you in other classes.


    We will be using the IRLA reading program to help you do this.




    We will be addressing the ENL standards developed by New York State to prepare you for the NYSESLAT exam at the end of the year. 



    What you need:


    Notebook (spiral or composition), folder, pens




    80% Assessments

                -Test, quizzes, group projects

    10% Homework

                -We will have homework every day!

    10% Participation

                -You will need to attend class and complete the work we are doing

    Extra Help:


    I will be available every day after school. If you need help, please stay and ask questions!


    Currently, there are five levels to show proficiency: 

    Entering (Beginning)
    Emerging (Low Intermediate)
    Transitioning (High Intermediate)
    Expanding (Advanced)
    Commanding (Proficient)

    In the past reading, writing and listening were tested separately, now they will be tested together.

    Written test sessions are tied to history, science, and English themes. There will be three testing sections which each have a different theme. Students will need to complete a writing assignment for each test session.

    To test out of ESL, students must score commanding in each test: speaking, listening, reading and writing. 


    2. -Move down the page to General Listening Quiz.           

    3. -Start with “easy”quizzes.  Try to improve to “Medium” and “Difficult” Quizzes. 

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