• 11/16/11



    I have created this page as a way for me to get out information to you as well as you get information out to players.  I have not totally figured out to what capacity we can use it.  So basically it is a trail by error type situation.  My web page is also a great way for you to check in to what we are trying to do as a program.

    First order of business is to welcome: Coach Alejandro Overton to the staff.  Coach "O" is the former Offensive Coordinator of Mckinley High School.  He has a strong background working with children, having coached a Canisius, Mckinley and various little loop programs.  He also played Arena Ball and Canadian Ball in the past.  As he stated to me "it is his dream to come back to his alma mater and coach here"

    I am personally excited for this acquisition as he will be bring a new offensive look to our offense.  We will be moving away from the Flexbone/double wing and more toward Spread/shot gun. with option involved.

    We will be making coaching changes again.  Starting with myself.  One of our goals is to make it to the sectional championship and win.  When we are 2nd worst offensively, after winning a division championship I felt the need to step aside for the betterment of the kids.  Hopefully, this will show all of you that while I believe in my abilities as an Off. cord., I need to improve and not afarid to recieve help. I wore too many "hats" last year.  Hope you are on the same page as me and are willing to go beyond your normal thoughts and look at yourself first.  Did you do everything you can to improve?  What are you doing NOW to help us next year?  We all need a break after the season, but the break will be short.   Please contact me if you do not plan on returning.

    Coach Bell is working with some players NOW in the weight room.  He has a great "Phase 1" routine that the boys are doing.  Please come in after school to assist when you can.

    Furthermore, some coaches have better relationships with our players than others.  It is up to YOU to get these guys working in the weight.  If you know of others that plan on playing get them involved too!

    In MARCH we are taking the first 25 players to pay a $20 fee and starting spring workouts in the ECC Flick Center.  2 hrs daily 3 days per week.  More details to follow.

    Finally, ECC has a weightlifting course from 1:00-3:00 pm mwf  if you know of any players that plan on going there or are NOW students @ ECC tell them about it! they can enroll ASAP with Coach Rich.

    Please email me updated: cell phone, email address, and cell carrier info so I can add you to MAX MESSENGER so you can be up to date with the kids.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    Coach Truilizio


    Aubrey Lloyd just sent out an EMAIL with a Volunteer Application that MUST be filled out and APPROVED BY MY PRINCIPAL.  If you you plan on returning, please fill out and return asap.

    As in past years, I tell you that these things are out of my control.  Apps must be filled out and we must follow the rules.  Those that are NON-BTF UNION coaches are asked to fill this out too.  In the case that someone bumps you it is important to secure your spot with us.

    Sorry, the rules aren't different.

    YOU CAN FIND APPLICATION ON BOTTOM OF 1st PAGE under "Related files"!