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    Date Event Call time Event  Which  Attire Rides
    Start time Location Students?
    End time
    Saturday ECMEA Jr. High  appointments Orchard Park  1 year +   dress up no bus provided
    15-Jan Solo Festival see Mr. P. High School experience. see Mr. P. if 
    Grade 7-9 no ride available
    Saturday ECMEA Sr. High  appointments BAVPA 1 year +   dress up no bus provided
    22-Jan Solo Festival see Mr. P. Performing  experience. see Mr. P. if 
    Grade 10-12 Arts no ride available
    Notes: Solo festivals work like this:
    Students are assigned a solo and scales or rudiments and are coached in school lessons. 
    Once they are confident, students perform alone for an evaluation by a state-certified 
    adjudicator. Evaluations are posted and sent to Mr. Peruzzini and become a part of 
    the student's grade for the quarter. If students perform at a competive level of difficulty,
     they may qualify to perform in an honors band, orchestra or jazz band. Typically, those
    selected also take private music lessons outside of school and practice their instrument
    at least an hour per day on average. For beginning students, this experience is an 
    excellent way to help develop musical, reading and concentration skills. 
    If you are interested in having your student take private lessons, please call or email
    Mr. Peruzzini to help you find a teacher and to get started! 
    Some scholarships are available!