Classzone - On Line textbook Access


    (Online version of the textbook for Global 9)

    The course textbook can be accessed at 

    You can utilize the activities, audio downloads, puzzels and activities without creating a personal account.  The only time you need to create a student account is if you want to activate the online-interactive text. Once you set up an account, you do not have to set it up again. 

    If a student wants to log in and create their own account and access the textbook they will need the following log in information:  

    first box - 2426362

     second box - 10

    Students can access the puzzles, vocabulary drills and other activities to help them learn the vocabulary and content of the text book chapters without an individual account.  

    To access the book on line follow these simple steps:

    Log into

    First time users, choose High school Social Studies, New York State and the Green GO button

    Return Users, choose the cover of the book WORLD HISTORY PATTERNS OF INTERACTION


    The classroom vocabualry usually comes from

    the chapter flip cards !!!!!