Student Support Service/Integrated Co Teaching - Defined

  • Student Support Services, formerly called Resource Room services, is a program for student who have been classified as having some Learning Disability.  This catagory includes Learning Disabled, Emotionally Disturbed, Other Health Impairment and Visually Impared.  These student come to my class on a daily basis for one class period (42 minutes).  These classes are small in number - 5 students at a time so that each student received individualized attention.  They each have certain goals outlined in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) which are worked on during my class time.   Our goal is to teach them skills that will help them bridge the gap between their intellectual level and their performance level. 

    Integrated CoTeaching (ICT) is a relatively new classification in the Buffalo School District.  Here I work with 9th grade students who have been identified with an IEP in their Global 9 classroom.  I work side by side with Mr. Gault the regular ed Global 9 teacher during periods 2 and 10, to help deliver the content in a way that all students can grasp.  We team teach and modify the curriculum so that it is delivered in a way that helps the identified student and their counterparts be successful on the Global 10 exam.