Mr. Morreale

  • Mission For U.S. History & Government

    The purpose of this course is to look for meaningful patterns 
    in history that can help us understand the political, economic, 
    and social structures of our present day local, national & global
    History will not give us precise answers to our existing national 
    and global concerns.  However, an understanding of history will help us
    appreciate how these problems arose and how similar 
    problems were dealt with in the past. 
    With any field of study there is a particular vocabulary and 
    history is no different. This course will focus on the 
    language and major concepts of U.S. History.
    Throughout our study we will use a number of themes. One 
    way to think about this method of study is to consider the 
    themes to be the threads of a fabric. 
    Individually, the themes offer us the possibility of analysis, 
    comparison, and evaluation. Together, the themes create
    the fabric of each content area's history and cultural 
    Also, maybe a little fun!
    The following themes will be used in our study of 
    U.S. History.                           
    Geography:   How does geography determine the development
    of societies?
     -         What are the sources of conflict and cooperation 
         between differing peoples and states?
     -         Gender:  How and why have gender relationships 
         been determined, changed, or stayed the same 
        throughout history?
    Political Evolution:  How have the bases of political power 
    and political relationships changed through time?
    Religion and the State:  How has the relationship between 
    religion and the state evolved in different societies in different 
    time periods?
    Intellectual History:  How are ideas developed and expressed 
    in a culture?  Includes philosophy & the Arts.
    Technology and Change:  How does technological evolution 
    affect societies and their relationships to other societies?
    Economics:  How does a culture get the things they need & 
    want (and eventually, how do they obtain things they don’t 
    really need?)
    Course Requirements
    Attendance: Regular attendance and promptness are required.  
    Persistent loss of class time may result in a loss of credit or a 
    lower grade. The policies of South Park High School will be 
    Class Preparation and Participation:  Participation, 
    homework, in-class activities, projects, papers, and tests are 
    the basis for your evaluation.
    Since much of the knowledge you will be gaining builds on
    what has been previously learned, you will be at a great 
    disadvantage if you fall behind. 
    Written assignments must be in your own words and should 
    contain thoughtful and reflective responses. I will make 
    appropriate and reasonable modifications and accommodations 
    for students with identified special needs. 
    Evaluation: As in all classes, academic integrity is essential. The 
    temptation to copy another person's work is always present. 
    Classroom Behavior: It's necessary for students to behave in a 
    fashion that promotes a good learning environment for all 
    members of the class. Respect for one another is essential to an 
    optimal learning situation. 
    Make-up Policy: If you are out sick and your absence is excused, 
    you may make up all work for full credit. Otherwise, late work will 
    receive a 25% loss of credit for two days and then 50%. Work that
     is missed can be handed in during the semester for half-credit.