May 6th Tree Planting Project

  • 25+50+2=Green!


    The Bailey Peninsula revival continued today as South Park’s Green Team descended upon this beautiful park on Buffalo’s south side with twenty-five trees, fifty shrubs and two pounds of seeds from plants that are native to this region.  Sixty students joined twenty adults in the continued effort to restore this park along the Buffalo River. 


    The ultimate goal is to try and eliminate the Japanese Knotweed, an invasive plant native to the Far East, and re-plant the area with indigenous species plants.   We  hope that people will naturally help to maintain the park once it is restored to its pristine beauty.


    Today’s journey to the Bailey Peninsula garnered some media attention.  Channel 2 showed up to interview Mr. Adam Hovey, one of the Green Team co-founders.  “The nicest thing about this project is the children coming out to clean up their own city.”  Mr. Hovey said.  “It sends a message.  It develops a habit.  Hopefully it will inspire some of them to continue as environmental stewards.”


     Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper Robbyn Drake discussed the development of the idea and how this project began.  “Mr. Hovey and I started a discourse on what would work for South Park, how we could help.  Someone starts asking questions about how to make a nice change and the next thing that you know you have nearly one hundred people working together to help the environment.”


    Mary Rossi from Erie County’s Department of Environmental Planning discussed South Park’s students.  “I’ve been doing these programs for over 10 years and the kids at South Park are really great.  They’ve been coming out here for two years now and you can really see the difference.”


    Also on the scene was Jay Moran, WNED 970 talk show host.  He interviewed many people.  One of them was Branden Carpenter.  “This project changed my life. Since I started helping out on this project I have been seeing things in a greener way.  It changed the way I look at people, things, and most of all the way I look at myself. I have been greener and have been helping other people become green as well.”


    The Bailey Peninsula is returning to a natural state thanks to the students of South Park High School.  Also instrumental in the revival have been Andrea Higgins, science teacher, and Mr. Brad White, head of the Horticulture Department.  Many Thanks to all!